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it's kind of repetitive well i wish the best for both of them since we're the same age's be really awkward if i meet them what should i call them ?KSH only 17 years old and alredy made so many movies & dramas, won 6 awards alredy! But after a thorough look on her lips and eyes, my doubt was washed away. I'm proud of You : D Be kind and Stay warmth, okey! Her beauty is really great because her beauty changes depending on her make-up, clothes and expressions. But most of all she's a kind-hearted shy girl but very smart. -Nikholith (@funikkissmile) Ah it will be great if i can become friends with her lol x D ..follow her on instagram: @Wow_kimsohyun ( 4 million followers ) So talented and beautiful.... It's none other than our talented and natural beau, Kim So Hyun! First time i saw You in drama "the moon that Embrace the sun". Because many peoples Loves You, and they are always support fighting for You... Her beauty is one of a kind that you'll never see in anyone. i wonder how does it feel to have an actress same aged friends i feel like a potato x D while they work and earn money here i am binge watching dramas and lazily lay on bed x D omg i fell in love with her deeper because of the drama nightmare teacher she is really a flexible actress i think i like her more than kim yoojung and i prefer her more , because kim yoo jung is best suited or stuck with that typical kind pitiful girl ...

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Hope your wishes will come true and that you can travel to a lot of places as you wished!! when I was watching the moon embrace the sun, I have big question in my mind. she is so beautiful and cute, and I never interesting like this before (actually park Shin Hye too LOL). I mean the important thing is "Haters Gonna Hate, No matter How Good You are" so I must always support her as a good fans. I really love you since drama the moon embracing the sun, then i see you again in rooftop prince! Some people call you greedy because you have a lot of dramas and movies, don't worry! Just do your best :) And don't forget, stay healthy, humble and cheerful :) I would love to see So Hyun in a Mystery/Comedy genre of drama like her previous series "I Hear Your Voice".maybe action drama where she can be an assassin (just my wish)...

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she also have a very good relationship with them after they work together with her... Am I the only one who ship Sohyun with NCT member especially Taeyong? it is impossible now to hope Taeyong will have drama/moment with Sohyun..

She does everything with so much love and passion, how can you not love her? But i am so proud of u unnie because in 2012-13 you play minor roles but then now you are one of the in demand actress rn. Lee seo yeong*Missing you* known also as Joy lee A fan from Philippines.

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